The Facebook user that you are (too)

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The Juicy Pulp

You know the latest – what’s in and what’s hot. No matter how remotely impossible and surprising that the news is out there, you have access to it like you’re from CIA or the Smithsonian. You must have been a TV reporter or a devout journalist during your past life. This just in, you sometimes kill the thrill for someone.

The dawn of the dead

Similar to a zombie, you only spring back to life during full moon. Your friends may not even know you’re on Facebook or that you use the computer for that matter. You lack the commitment to log in and approving friend requests take you a lifetime. As evidenced by your inexistence, you should not have been in the list in the first place.

The Hallmark Greeting Card

On a lighter note, you are just sweet.  You have a calendar of birthdays and every special occasion. You feel required to greet every celebrant which is very nice of you. People rely on you as well in uploading photos of events and gatherings. You have the heart for memories and sweet nothings, no get to together will be complete without you.

The CHILL sauce

Despite the challenges, demands, and hardships man confronts in life you are without a doubt blessed by the gods for having so much time to chill. And this you have to make known to many. In fact, coffee shops and fancy restos leverage on people like you so as to increase economic growth and gain a competitive advantage.

The archbiSHOP

As in the previous, you are an addition to the list of the wonderfully blessed few.. Many suffer from sickness with no means to proper medication, some die of poverty and hunger, while others endure the pains of cheap labor and yet you score the biggest dilemma of all, which stilettos or cellphone to buy. You are not to be blamed though. Shopping is a painstakingly, difficult job you have to do it even on Facebook.

The Deep-seated Dirt

You are in constant battle with no other than, yourself. Your thoughts run deep, so deep that it is located at the core of the earth. On Facebook, you seem problematic and often confused although you stimulate people’s minds with your playful thoughts and words; Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato would have been your clique if they were still alive. Learn to take it easy though, too much thinking leads someplace.

The “Quote Unquote”

Your stat would have been impressive if only it was an original creation of yours. Very nice of you though to include the author/writer which as we know it is the rightful and legal thing to do. One-two sentences are fine but the entire lyrics of a song aren’t! It should occur to you that people also know how to read.

The REACTive Ingredient

You do react. A lot. Your presence on Facebook and in your friends’ cyberlife is just undeniable. You comment on anything especially if it concerns you and you share files you find interesting enough. You are one of those who make Facebook not just a fun interactive place to communicate, but a reactive one at that.

The OrCom Student

You must have hated WordPress at some point. Thesis is your favorite noun, wasted is your favorite adjective and stressing is ultimately your favorite verb. You’re always on Facebook, as the venue for Haggard Anonymous is situated there. Despite all these, you’ve learned how to manage though. And damn well you do.

  1. Interesting categories of people. 🙂
    In my opinion though, everyone is all of these users. It’s just a matter of mood. We can be REACTive ingredient and Deep-seated Dirt whenever we feel like being them.

  2. This is funny shecai! I even bookmarked this page cause I plan to categorize my Facebook friends (hahaha, don’t tell anyone)

    When I was reading through your post, certain names of people pops into my head who I think would be a good example to your categories. And I’m not telling. Haha. This just goes to show that we like to label and categorize people or users for that matter. It’s easier that way and recall is much faster. I think this one of the “talents” OrCom has taught us 🙂

    I think I’m a little bit of the juicy pulp, the quote/unquote, reactive ingredient and the orcom student. I couldn’t relate more! 🙂

  3. I really love your blog. Everything you write about is so matter-of-fact that it becomes funny without you even trying. I do find that a lot of the people who are my so-called “friends” on Facebook fall in at least one category. The deep-seated dirt really cracked me up!

  4. There is a part two apparently! I’ve read your first post about the Facebook users. Both posts are funny and I felt sort of proud that you’ve included The Orcom Student as one of the categories. It is true that we use Facebook to keep us awake while cramming for an exam or a paper. We may use FB excessively but hell yeah we can manage! 😀 Haha! It is interesting to do a paper about these different types of users, perhaps perfect for a thesis paper maybe? 😛

  5. I think that the OrCom student is a little bit of every category. Hahaha. Well, everyone is, actually. Sometimes our online habits are motivated by our needs, sometimes by the way we want to project ourselves to others. Regardless, our online habits create patterns that define our personalities and the way others perceive us, consciously or not. 🙂

  6. I love this! Makes me wonder which category I should put myself in. But yes, I do agree that sometimes we can be one kind of person on Facebook and at a different time another. I suppose what makes the Internet a fun place is how different kinds of people can find their own place here. 🙂

  7. I love this post! I don’t know which category I should be in though. (Aside, of course, from The OrCom Student) Most of the time, I’m bipolar and while I may look like The Chill Sauce type sometimes, my mind is exploding with unfinished TTDs. 🙂

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