Dear New Social Media,

In Uncategorized on September 25, 2010 at 1:42 pm

It is amazing how you gave me and millions of others the voice to be heard. You made communication between me and the manufacturer of the facial wash I use everyday, the network I subscribed to, and the mall I stroll around spontaneous and interactive. Directly or indirectly, I can now take part in improving brands, products, and services to serve the best interest of consumers. You made it possible that I need not try them to test for quality myself I simply need to search sites for opinions, forums, and testimonials.

As a student, you have been extremely of help. Since I make no money yet, you provided cheap and convenient ways so I can supplement my research, home works, or reports. You also allow me to connect in real time with friends, classmates, and even family that reunions became quite popular these days. Another of your wonders is the fact that you can make anything viral. From videos, photos, ads, literatures, etc., you turned ordinary people into producers, contributors and tastemakers.

I also appreciate that I can express myself the way I want to around you. I can manage people’s perception and impression of me. I have the power to design my own page and select only the ones I like without having you offended. You even question my apparent dislikes and feed me suggestions of what you think will interest me. I don’t compensate you for your work yet you never ask for anything in return. You even continue to evolve, for my sake.

When I feel down and lonely, you’re there to comfort me. When I’m filled with glee, you’re there to share it with me. New Social Media, please stay. I hope we would grow old together.

  1. Grow old together with the New Social Media? 🙂 That would be really interesting. 🙂 NSM sure have helped us show our personality. From our own blogs to websites we go to, there is indeed an apparent need to show our true personality, and NSM give us the chance to do just that. Also when it comes to research, homeworks, and other academic needs, we find it easier to search online. We also can connect and build relationships more easily because of NSM. We do not need to be physically present in events at all times for NSM have given us the opportunity to change that. Everything else has been convenient for us. It is really just amazing what wonders the NSM can give. If NSM is here to stay, then our lives will be much easier compared to when we have to do everything manually. Hooray for NSM! 🙂

  2. i like your concept of being able to communicate with the brands we use through new social media. indeed, there was no interaction in the past that directly related the consumer to the product. we has no influence to the product whatsoever aside from the choice we made to either but it or not. now we can directly influence. new social media maxmizes interaction. 🙂

  3. I feel like you are talking to social media as a person, but truly we really have a lot to be thankful for. Social media made our lives easier and convenient than ever before. No more are we afraid to let the whole world know about our thoughts even if they are negative or postive. No more are we afraid to bare to the world the opinions we have. For a person like me who’s intimidated with social media before, I found that it does not alienate anyone rather it gives every one who’s willing to embrace it a chance to learn, share, and be heard.

  4. It really amazes me how much new social media has made an impact on our lives. To think that this kind of innovation is something that would’ve been useful in times past. Just imagine how much more new ground would new social media break in the future! i, for one, am looking forward to whatever breakthrough comes next.

  5. Whoa! Growing old with NSM sounds like fun! Haha. Nice idea, Shecai. 😛 It’s great that people now take New Social Media more seriously, and not just see it as just one of those distractions people should stay away from. Yes, all of us get tempted to overuse NSM every once in a while (which explains the long “tambay” hours online haha), but people are getting more mature in using these new media for more serious, goal-driven activities. 🙂

  6. Let me pass on with my SNS accounts written on my tombstone! ;D The new social media that we have grown to integrate into our everyday routines has become so entrenched, it would be hard to imagine not being able to see friends’ updates anymore. I don’t think I can go back to just using SMS or just face-to-face communication. And yes, there’s just too much benefit from using it that I think our lives have become that more richer with it around – I can relate this to how my family have become more close and able to communicate easily despite the differences in continent and time zones. It’s amazing just how much more can be done to make new social media richer.

  7. Ever since I started blogging, I learned to value the power of being heard online. This kind of avenue provides millions of people the capability to make themselves critics, writers, poets, authors, etc. Having said so, blogging goes to show that its real essence is not just about writing per se but taking on a role one wants to epitomize online.

  8. That’s so true Ate Shecai. I love how the new social media can take all my rantings or braggings when I don’t know who’s that one person who is willing to listen to my senseless, spur-of-the-moment thoughts. NSM even does the job of tapping my friends’ shoulder and let them know that there’s something going on. Maybe if NSM was never invented, I would never be able to release the feelings that I can never spoke of in person.

  9. This post made me laugh so hard. I don’t know why. Anyway, it’s true. As long as we know how to use it correctly, and use it well, it will bring wonders.

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