Dewey Dy’s Ceramics

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Dy-scover    QUALITY.

Where your food should be.

Back in 2003, the Chinese-Filipino businessman Dewey Dy first brought quality ceramic pieces in the country. His passion for business is evident in the unique and sturdy pieces that he offers. Dy’s ceramics work hand in hand with different hotel and restaurant entrepreneurs in providing a whole new dining experience. The simplicity of the designs and styles that are embedded in every collection matches perfectly with every dish. At a very low cost, Dy’s ceramics can make families appreciate dining more.

It is important to note as well that Dy’s ceramics are impossible to break unless done on purpose. It embodies strength and flexibility, qualities never before attributed with dining wares. You do not simply purchase plates and tea cups, you afford yourself quality that lasts long. The collection includes, in a variety of shapes and sizes: plates, bowls, coffee and tea cups, condiment containers, spoons.

Own ceramics uniquely crafted for your taste.

Visit the showroom            204 Del Monte Avenue, Barangay Talayan, Quezon                                                          City

Visit the website       

Or contact                             (632) 414-0928 +639174557292

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  1. i’ve seen the ceramics already and i must say that i did like the aesthetic quality of it. if my information serves me right, they do direct selling as well. i’m just unsure if it’s actually the company itself or if it’s just consigned. i think more information as to how one could get these products would help… the slogan you made was brilliant though… 🙂

  2. For real? They’re really hard to break? Wow! Plus crafted after my own taste! Thats amazing. Someday when I get to have a house of my own I want it to be very minimalist, more of black and white. Chinese ceramics are always intricated with complicated designs and I think this one is suited to my taste. The designs are cool cause they don’t come in the usual design we see on Chinese restaurants.

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