10 Blogging Perks

In Uncategorized on September 23, 2010 at 12:58 pm
1. Blogging is about being you. It is self-expression. Your own thoughts and feelings can never be more original.
2. Blogging excites your imagination. It constantly challenges the intellect, the soul, and the ego. You get to play with words while establishing a point in the process.
3. Blogging introduces new perspectives. You have a wall to yourself that you can freely design and orchestrate. You learn the alternative way and you learn from other people as well.
4. During moments when you feel like talking and all you have is yourself, it is therapeutic to go about and blog.
5. You leave a mark. You may not have a thousand as followers but surely, a single blog of yours meant something to someone, somehow.
6. Blogging requires reflection. You bank on what you already know, what you strive to know and what you want other people to know.
7. Blogging empowers you. Your words become valuable and immortal. It allows you to turn day to day thoughts to something of interest, entertainment, inspiration.
8. Blogging turns you into a critical animal. You don’t simply digest information, you criticize it. You evolve.
9. When you blog, you collaborate with the rest of the world. You contribute ideas and share those with a connection of potential networks.
10. Blogging becomes a skill that you develop with practice. As you blog, you sharpen not only your writing skills but most importantly, your ability to communicate effectively.
Now think about it.

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  2. Summing it all up:

    Blogging is only fun when you do it because you want to.

    It is most productive when you are not required to do it.

    And it may the best thing to ever come to this world for you if you put yourself into it.

    Never think lowly of yourself; saying that other lives are more interesting and colorful as yours.

    Those who don’t have anything to say have the most colorful story to write. 🙂

  3. Hi ate Shecai!

    I could very well relate to your blog entry.
    I honestly am not a good writer, so this activity (comm blog) really is twice the burden for me. Yet, along the way, I found blogging to be really interesting. I have this wrong notion that when you blog, you should write about something to please others. but like what another classmate of ours said, we should first learn to blog for ourselves then think of the readers next. In the first place, we have different intentions in blogging. It may be for altruism, or for self expression. At the end of the day, whether or not someone reads your blog entry, the scenario remains the same. You write something down, post it online, then feel a sense of contentment 🙂

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