The Facebook user that you are

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The STATus Quo

Greatly influenced by your passion to share everything about you, you are the type who posts a status message every minute of everyday. You feel like it’s your obligation to the world to inform the entire human race what’s going on with your life like you’re the only person who matters.

The Have Mercy on ME!

You are damned. It’s like you were born to suffer. The universe just doesn’t approve of your existence. You eat misfortune cookies for breakfast, bad luck steak for lunch, and disaster salad for dinner. Next time though, try not having pity donuts for dessert.


I hate life! and I hope you die! Are simply two of your beloved punchlines. You are like a gladiator destined to slaughter. You are at war every time like you make a living out of it. The missing part is: you do not drop names. Next time do so, people would love to witness your valor, for real.

The ROLE Model

You are basically misled into thinking that your role in life is that of a model. Maybe, it is not. Posing for the cameras could be as much useful as when you do something else, like charity work. Modeling seems to be eating up much of your precious time. Identity crisis and role confusion alert!

The “Likeness” MONSTER

You give the impression that you grew up in a happy home and you cannot dislike anything. The alarming part is, you like every single status message its hard to determine which ones you actually do. You are nice indeed but a little reality check would do you good.

The “Jimmy Neutron”

You are admired by many as your thoughts make the most sense. You are intellectual and seem to have already proven the point. Too much nerdy-ness becomes boring especially if that’s all you offer. Keep up the good work though.

The Rebel RAMBO

Your title does not just sound fierce because on FB, you affirm it. You are socially sympathetic, politically involved, and you sure stand up for something. Protest rallies and government offices are your couch and you encourage people to sit in the same chair. Remember though that advocacy is more than just that.

The Dr. Quack-quack

Life can be very problematic and you truly understand that. You feel the need to rescue sad, distraught people from the pit of loneliness. Sometimes, you even put others’ issues before your own. When giving advice though, make sure the person requires it. Period.

“The Prom King and Queen”

People do get the fact that you are a couple and that it’s your job to celebrate it with the rest of humanity. Too much of you can be self-defeating especially when fate breaks you apart. You’ll realize what this means as you read along..

The Herbal Extract

Everyone gets their share of heartaches and you are no exemption. You have to learn that break-ups are a win or lose situation. Keep your feelings to yourself and save FB from your wrath. Bitterness is an ugly emotion.

The  X57gf=nkyAg)(&^?

Exactly. You are unbelievably, your own world. No one understands a thing you do or say and no one ever dared to ask. You have your own system of language unknown to man. It requires subliminal code to crack your message and you have fun on FB that way. It is an impossible quest to try and define what you are with your complexity and uniqueness. Your inclusion in this blog is by far, the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

  1. This is a funny post shecs! Most labels are not fun but this one’s cool. Sometimes when I open my Facebook account I want to put a label on some people base on the kind of status they have or the kind of profile pictures they have, or the kind of links they always share.

    So I think I’m 1/2 the “likeness” monster, 1/2 of the “jimmy neutron” LMAO!

  2. I totally laughed when I read this but I must say, your depictions are pretty accurate. I can already imagine where certain people I know fall under. It just goes to show how human behavior can be so predictable.

  3. If there’s anything that your blog proves, it’s that no kind of pretense can conceal one’s personality even in New Social Media.
    Because despite the lack of nonverbal aspect, people can still see what’s inside you through your FB posts.

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