You are your own Hollywood!

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Strike a pose indeed. In the advent of new media the economics of who’s in and who’s not is no longer dictated by television or magazines. The power to woo and to wow is now equally distributed to the rest of the world. Practically everyone who has access to technology shares the microphone with Taylor Swift or the Jonas Brothers, the red carpet with Justin Bieber and the spotlight with no less – Brad and Angelina. In the net generation, you need not look like a pop star to record or post your own music video on YouTube. People can even read your story without you having to publish a book. You have the world for a spectator.

Glitz and glamour isn’t entirely what sharing the stage is about. It also requires responsibility and accountability on our part. So walk the red carpet with these in mind:

Please do think.

What you do online is representative of you. Whether it’s a status message, a blog post, or a comment, better think about it. It saves you.

What you do online inevitably impacts other people who could be your family or friend or potential boss. Self-criticism will come in handy.

What you do online stays there indefinitely. Make sure you don’t do something you’ll somewhat regret.

Your Hollywood spirit better be for the right reasons. If it’s to inform, to interact, to express yourself, to inspire, for fun, for a cause, then you’re good to go. Never, however, consider it as a venue to lie to, embarrass, hurt or dishonor other people.

Enough means “enough”

Try not to overdo your celebrity status. It’s not pretty when you drown people onto your pool of photos and albums. Give just about your share.

Once you reach overboard it becomes annoying and terrifying. Too much of you better be proportional to substance, sense and taste.

Bragging isn’t a good idea either. You must be better than that.


No one can play your part better than you do. You need not forge an identity that of Paris Hilton. Be your own celebrity and embrace it.

  1. True, and pretending to be someone we’re not would only make the world a boring place to live. Besides, people aren’t getting any younger. So let us just live the way we want to live our lives without prejudice.

  2. i love the fact that you related our use of new social media as us being stars. indeed, we are stars of our own profiles. and yes, being a star means that we have a lot of responsibilities. ideally, we should really take a step back, think before we post. because being called a poseur can be very harsh. we should be who we are!!!

  3. We really are the stars of our own SNS accounts aren’t we? 😀
    I agree though that over-posting does more harm than good. People who drown their contacts with photos of themselves and by-the-minute updates of their lives become annoying. *cough*un-friend*cough*
    Being ourselves online is really the best way to go, not just online. 🙂

  4. Haha. This is not a generalization but many people are intrinsically egotistic claiming to be always be on top of the others. It is their own right to assert themselves as stars but the real challenge is to build a strong fan base. 🙂 The rationale goes the same for organizations. ^^,

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