Internet: the new drug

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Admit it.

You’re hooked.

And there’s no stopping you.

Not now. Not ever.

This global phenomenon has definitely turned millions into cold addicts. It has become a way of life, a part of our system, much like religion and disease combined. One taste will leave you longing for more, you wanting to go deeper and farther. You’ll need your regular dose of the internet, that is snorting your Facebook, smoking Youtube, inhaling Twitter or Tumblr, burning YM, injecting Google. You just can’t be internet-free. As alarming as it seems, the internet is legal for a drug. And it can benefit you or destroy you depending on how you take it in.

So how did you even get hooked?

First, you were given the impression that it’s new, it’s hot and it’s cheap. Next, you go about creating an account online in some social networking site where most of your friends are, much like ‘jamming’ with them. So you thought that one try would not do you any harm. One shot is worth the risk. And then the more friends you have, the more you felt the need to log in. The more interaction you have with a whole lot of random people in forums or blogging spots, the more you decided to stay connected. The more superficial games you play which allowed you to take on a different persona got you practically abusing the web. And the more you shop for items in online stores or skim through instant how to’s in google search, all the more made you become dependent. Internet-dependent.

More surprisingly so do drugs, the internet can too, make you skip meals at times. It may have had you stay up so late that you miss school or work the next day. You must have fought with a brother or a buddy or some stranger at one point for still using it when it’s supposedly your turn to click. It alters your mood in many ways you can’t imagine. It could give you a natural high unknown to you, you wouldn’t last a week without it.

We are guilty as charged – the internet can be very addictive. We need it because it has become a part of almost anything we do. It provides service in a million ways. Reconnecting with your long time friends is one, communicating with your family or practically with anyone despite the distance is another, or sharing what you think, know and feel to the world is an understatement as to what the internet has become.

The key is maintaining a balance and doing away with reliance. Sometimes, it could be beneficial to leave the internet alone and consider having ourselves on rehab. Let’s be open to other options, relive the basics, search for new venues. Dive in a collection of books, use your imagination to picture Paris, Sydney or Lima. Look around and appreciate, then rehab wouldn’t seem so bad.

  1. wow! I love this post! it has put in words what many of us cannot comprehend about the power of New Social Media in getting all of us hooked. So true! We just can’t get enough of it! It’s so irresistible!

    Thus, using the Internet in a sane way would demand us to yes, maintain a balance, and get focused on what we really need from it, then just get enough. 😀

  2. Internet users who are most-likely to be addicted to the Internet are most probably from the middle-class to the upper-class brackets. Basically, it’s because people who belongs to the lower-class bracket don’t have the means to use the Internet.

    Moreover, though addiction to the Internet may be less alarming than addiction to illegal drugs, it should still be regulated. These people should be reminded that there is more to life than games, pictures, videos, porn and music. Haha!

  3. yes, many are addicted. fortunately, i am not. yay! i think it is essential that we all consider the fact that the use of internet is not a necessity. i usually frown upon people who swear they “need” facebook. though at times i admittedly lose track of time and get hooked, i take a step back. 😉

  4. Love how you talked about the internet like it was a drug. It’s true though, that it’s addictive. What with all the stuff we get from it. Connectivity, communication, entertainment, information, the list goes on. I, for one, am also an addict of sorts. But I’d like to see my addiction as something that’s still treatable. I can still close my SNS tabs when the need arises. With a little difficulty, but hey, I can still do it! 🙂

  5. It’s amazing how you can relate everything with blogging. Your blogs reflect the character that you have Shecai. This is so much like you. :))

    Yes, i remember Sir Barry’s challenge one time. And all of us agreed that we can’t do what he was asking us to do BECAUSE we are all hooked with social media.

    I should try the ‘rehab’ you are suggesting, maybe it will cure this ‘addiction’ I am developing because of OC 152.

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