Why blog?

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2010 at 10:43 am

It is a school requirement. Right?

So you can prove mommy and daddy how serious you are with school.

To feel you’re part of the techie generation!

To have the illusion that you can change the world.

To kill the long, boring hours..

To have an excuse for using the computer, for long.

To make fun of things, especially those that suck.

To be able to inform people of something they may not be familiar with, or something they haven’t realized themselves, for some reason.

To make yourself feel you’re doing some thinking once in a while.

Peer pressure.

To show off what you got in there, apparently.

To make friends? Hope some do..

To feel empowered.

To be devirginized. Technologically.

To extract some neurons out of your brain.

To get people to react, hopefully. Especially those that matter.

To try and make sense of reality.

To satisfy your need for attention.

To flirt with your crush..

To go beyond your limits.

To set the standard.

To officially grasp the concept of free speech.

To break some rules you wouldn’t do otherwise.

To create an identity that is uniquely yours.

To make others feel insecure.

To stalk.

To create an avenue of potential connections.

To give advice.

To stress yourself.

To go beyond learning. To communicate.

To share.


  1. “To be able to inform people of something they may not be familiar with, or something they haven’t realized themselves, for some reason.”
    “To go beyond learning. To communicate.”

    these are the two lines i like most in this blog. and if i were to summarize all you have written, i would say, “i would blog because i know i can make the difference, and people who will get to read what i write can, too.” 🙂

    *i love your blog. 😀

  2. “To be devirginized. Technologically.”
    It’s true that many people who use the internet also do some blogging, among other purposes. It has become one of the consistent online habits of netizens for various reasons such as those you enumerated. We like web logs because it accommodates our personality and provides us with all the liberty to do so.

    Though blogs are continuously becoming a form of self-expression, we must also be mindful of the matters we discuss online. Like what we learned from case study we tackled last meeting, we should always monitor our “digital footprint” because people (particularly future employers) will literally google us as a means for background checking.

    Now, it’s better to start managing our reputation as early as now.

  3. Why blog?

    Probably to express what you think and how you feel without actually telling it to someone directly.

    Or just to remind yourself how good or bad it was.

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