“Actions speak louder than words” no more…

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Is it? Or is it not?

Let’s see how we have been doing so far. The internet has just revolutionized the globe. We have gone from record bars to i-tunes, libraries to google search, bookstores to e-books, shopping malls to multiply, board games to warcraft, it seems endless! The internet has reshaped the many ways in which we do, feel, and live life. And “staying connected” is the new bonding.

In organizations, employee motivation and cooperation is crucial. Teamwork is a necessity. Manager-subordinate relations is decisive. Peer to peer networks are viral. Effective communication is fundamental. Can we leave it all up to technology?

We are in the internet age and there is no stopping that. Either we deal with it or cave in some place. My point is what do we do now with the essentials? The basics? The raw? The kind of communication that is honest, genuine, and innate. It requires zero word. Yet expresses beyond words. The Non-verbal codes.

The internet has provided an avenue of means for us to communicate – our interests, feelings, thoughts, activities. But how effective is it in getting the entire message across? By entire I mean deep breaths, pat on the shoulder, comforting hug or okay sign included? By the same token, have we outgrown the physical? Are we nearing the end of an era? An era where friends wipe each other’s tears without having to say anything and smiles could mean a hundred different things?

The impression that humans can go all the way virtual is simply problematic. Nothing beats the effort we need not exert in communicating non-verbally. Because it is natural. It is expressive and immediate in itself. I should give it to the internet though for being so powerful and innovative. But I believe that it should not dehumanize society. It should not dehumanize YOU. Human communication is as powerful. And it deserves importance and appreciation just the same.

  1. Messaging via the Internet gives the sender more time to think of what to say and how to say it. It gives the sender more time to craft the message; therefore, it may not seem as sincere as it is said personally. As what Sir Barry’s blog post said, “nothing beats the real thing.” Crafting messages may be good at times – especially when you ought to deliver a negative one. However, I believe that the more natural it is, the better. We cannot leave it all up to technology. Organizations are made up of groups of people who work together to achieve some goal. Interaction is inevitable. I want to believe that digital communication will not overpower physical communication. 😀

  2. there are many things social media can do, except to replace the most basic of human needs for affection like kisses and embraces.

    it’s nice to be always reminded about this, no matter how cheesy it sounds. 🙂

  3. I was in a long-distance relationship, and it didn’t work well most of the time. Despite the consistent updates about our whereabouts and constant “I love you’s”, nothing beats kisses and long cuddles while watching TV. :p

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