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Hello everyone call me Shecai. I’m an Organizational Communication major from UP Manila. This semester I am under Sir Barrientos – OrCom 152 (Communication Trends and Styles). As part of the requirements, the class was tasked to blog every week, each of which pertains to business/organization related issues or events.

In truth, I am a blog virgin! Yes, never tried it, never ever did it. But I would like to believe that the experience will be twofold, challenging and educational. It is amazing how the internet changed the playing field. Learning has made its way out of the classroom walls and onto digital screens. Discussions have gone from face to face conversations to web chatting and instant messaging.

So everyone out there, let’s share thoughts. I invite you to comment on my posts, correct me, criticize me. I would like to make the most out of blogging, and it all starts here.

  1. Hi, Shecai! I followed Ed’s plurk linking to your blog, so here I am. Nice blog you have here!

    I am from UPM, too. Send my regards to Ms. Adeva and Ms. Jimenez of the DAC, if they are still there. Good luck in your studies!

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