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Shaping the Internet Age

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In “Shaping the Internet Age” an essay by Bill Gates, the computer tycoon emphasized how the internet have and have not made a difference in society. The problem is that the internet is consumed and even enjoyed by many but sadly not all. There are people who do not have the means to a computer let alone internet access. And so I thought, since Bill Gates is a billionaire, a business magnate, after having developed one of the world’s most popular software, what then, can he possibly contribute to better the global problem of digital divide? Being the genius that he is, why won’t he try to resolve the situation himself? If the problem gets solved anyway, it will be to his advantage in the end. He can very well further his interests and that of his company when everyone across nations would have computers and have access to the world wide web.

Another of my point is, given the global economic crisis, scarcity of food and water in many countries, climate change, terrorism, and other social issues, should the government be most concerned about the internet on top of all else? And if so, what role will the government play? What is the extent of this role? In Gates’ essay he mentioned that the regulation and policy making against cyber crimes and piracy for example, is exactly the government’s job. And that laws be enacted to protect parties from potential abuse. That the internet can only move forward if a legitimate entity can monitor what goes in and out of the web and regulate destructive, offensive content.

Given Gates’ point, my thinking goes: the internet is a revolution, it is happening. It is the first of its kind. It has given you and me power parallel to that of a Japanese executive or a Mexican drug lord. On the internet, anyone can do just about anything. If Gates’ wish could come true and the internet will be under strict supervision globally, will it still make sense? Will it change? What changes will be made? Will it threaten the freedom of its users? Will it threaten the information safari, the occasional porn sites, and the cyber relationships that is the internet?

With this I suggest that we celebrate the advent of technology in its most basic form while it still is. Let’s celebrate the digital jungle. Roam around the trees of knowledge, the rushing river of connections and food chain of information. We can only do so much. My point exactly is that freedom can be liberating indeed but it should always come at a price. Freedom is a good thing but it is permeable. As free users of the internet we will define its future. How it will evolve will depend on us and will affect us. And so we need to exercise ethical conduct ourselves. The idea is to remain the ever curious animal and not the devious predator.



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Hello everyone call me Shecai. I’m an Organizational Communication major from UP Manila. This semester I am under Sir Barrientos – OrCom 152 (Communication Trends and Styles). As part of the requirements, the class was tasked to blog every week, each of which pertains to business/organization related issues or events.

In truth, I am a blog virgin! Yes, never tried it, never ever did it. But I would like to believe that the experience will be twofold, challenging and educational. It is amazing how the internet changed the playing field. Learning has made its way out of the classroom walls and onto digital screens. Discussions have gone from face to face conversations to web chatting and instant messaging.

So everyone out there, let’s share thoughts. I invite you to comment on my posts, correct me, criticize me. I would like to make the most out of blogging, and it all starts here.

Hello world!

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